This all started for Devin around Mother’s Day maybe a little before. We were all playing football in the backyard and he twisted his knee didn’t think too much of it but a couple weeks later he started complaining saying that it hurt again I told him it was probably growing pains and then the more I thought about it I thought well maybe he injured his knee when we are playing football and it’s starting to heal wrong. I told him if it continues to bother him to let me know if you’d like to make a doctor appointment. Around the middle – end of May, he said that he wanted to make a doctor appointment but we were not able to get in until June 6th. I told him we would wait until that appointment but if it hurt anymore to where he wanted to go sooner we would go to urgent care. On June 3rd he came into her room crying telling us that it hurt very bad, a few hours later we took him to urgent care they did some X-rays told us it could be a torn meniscus, torn ligament,or possibly a tumor. I was pissed!! I thought why was this lady coming in here and saying this to me in front of my ten-year-old, not even knowing what is wrong –for sure anyway. .. I got a copy of the x-rays and followed up with our appointment that was set for June 6th with our normal doctor she looked at the x-rays and had someone else go over them also.. they agreed there was something there that could be causing pain.. they ordered an MRI for the following Thursday.

I got a call back the following day. It was Friday afternoon. They asked if Jeff and I could both go with him to go over the results. We get there and we are starting to be asked if he’s had fevers , easy bruising, been more tired, and so on. Then I knew what was up and what they were thinking.. from that appointment we were set up with a specialist in Orthopedic department at the U of I for that following Monday. That day we were told they believe it’s ewing sarcoma or osteosarcoma. And the next day Devin would go under for a biopsy of his knee and if he woke up with a port that meant the biopsy came back as cancerous. My 10 year old woke up with a port in his chest. Now we are on this rollercoaster of hell that nobody stands in line for, as you know. With this type of cancer it requires chemo, surgery to remove cancerous portion, then more chemo after. When given our amputation options we decided on the rotationplasty instead of the full above knee amputation. The rotationplasty allows Devin to have a functioning knee, as well this being his only surgery needed for this process, no chance of rejection either. No lengthening surgeries he would need if we tried to keep the leg , and no phantom pains he would have if we did the full on amputation. With the rotationplasty no nerves are cut and vessels severed so when Devin woke up he was actually able to wiggle his toes and move his whole leg.. we are now awaiting our check up for this coming Monday to see how all the bones are fusing together and when we’re able to start chemo again..

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