On Saturday May 21st we took Sidney to the ER for a small cut on her foot that was causing her to not want to walk, a fever, and a bright red foot from falling on the cement Friday. We were placed on antibiotics and proceeded on with our activities.
On Monday May 23rd we took Sidney back to the ER after several nose bleeds throughout the day. By the time we saw the doctor the nose bleeds had stopped and we were given a cream and back to our normal lives.
On Tuesday May 24th our world turned upside down when the Doctors (and Friends) in the Palliative care office sent Amanda home from work after a friendly conversation about our kids to get Sidney and bring her back to the ER. Blood tests were done and we were transferred to Blanks children hospital for a Hgb of 4.7 along with several other labs that were extremely low.
Wednesday May 25th Sidney received several rounds of blood and a bag of platelets before we were able to go for a bone marrow test that led to the diagnosis of B-cell Leukemia.
Thursday May 26th Sidney had her port placed, a spinal tap with chemo into the spinal fluid and more platelets.
Friday May 27th Sidney received her initial IV chemo while in the hospital and again on Monday May 30th.
We have had one office visit of which we received our IV chemo, LP and chemo, more blood and platelets.
Sidney is an amazing spirit and is taking everything like a champ.